Christopher Stones addresses situations where a person is displaying disruptive or threatening behaviour in the workplace. He provides information, recommendations and referrals to those dealing with threatening or disruptive situations, but he does not adjudicate, discipline or impose sanctions against any member of the organisation.

Behavioural risk assessment is based on an understanding that the very psychological and personality attributes that are often best suited for a particular job profile are, at the same time, inherently associated with various psycho-emotional traits and likely behaviours that, depending upon the structure, climate and overall work environment and the employee’s immediate work-related context, might pose integrity and other associated behavioural risks to the organisation.

This psychology practice assists with:

  • Responding to behaviour, assessing whether a person poses a risk to self or others;
  • Recommendations for responding to circumstances of violence, threatening behaviour, and harassment, for instance;
  • Identifying resources for troubled employees and makes referrals to appropriate agencies;
  • Providing ongoing monitoring for follow-up and observation of identified behaviour patterns or suspension dismissal;
  • Assessing periodically outcomes of actions taken.