Each person deals with loss in their own unique way which is neither ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’. Some may respond to the loss immediately, while others may take longer. There is no definite time frame within which people need to come for counselling. Some come immediately after the loss, whilst others may realize they have unresolved grief much further down the line once they discover that they have not dealt with the loss. This could lead to blockages in their ability to form, develop and maintain meaningful and long-term relationships.

How we respond to death could depend on many factors – this could be the relationship we had with the deceased and whether the death was ‘sudden’ through an accident or suicide, or whether the death was ‘inevitable’ due to a terminal illness, or old age. This practice offers a safe space in which to share your grief and regrets, and a compassionate ear with which to hear your heart and help you find your way through the emotional turmoil and beyond the limbo of loss.